We are proud to share with you that YEII (Young Entrepreneurship and Innovation International) has awarded  International School of Monterrey FIRST PLACE to our team  Mighty Power Games who represented us with the Changing Faces project in the Pitch category.

This prize presented by YEII was the result of our students’s excellent participation with their project presented in the Chicago Toy & Game Fair event.

Our highest recognition and congratulations to Mighty Power Games made up of our students  Mía Tanimoto Treviño and Roberta González Garza who were coached to their victory by ISOM Teacher, Ms Ana Alejandra Pedroza Lozano.

Changing Faces is a board game specifically designed to help express and guess different types of emotions through mime. 

This game was made with the objectives of identifying and learning about both primary and new emotions and feelings.

The participants in this game will not only demonstrate their feelings, but will also share good times with their families and practice teamwork. 

We are so proud of their excellent participation and wish them continued success.


Fourth Consecutive Year in Receiving 2020 Recognition from UDEM High School


We are proud to share with you that on October 22nd, 2020 International School of Monterrey was presented the award entitled “Commitment to High Academic Levels for its Student Body” for the fourth consecutive year. This award was given in the 2020 virtual event organized by UDEM to give recognition to educational institutions. 
We are excited to be able to share this accomplishment with you as proof of our goals achieved through dedicated work. Currently through online classes, we continue to maintain our high standards as well as implement new educational tools and resources that enrich our teaching-learning process.
We are grateful to all the International School of Monterrey team and strongly congratulate them for their consistent and hard efforts that led to the achievement of this award and will continue to lead to many more institutional successes.


Third Place in online YEII Young Business Competition 2020


It is with great pride that we share with our ISOM Family the wonderful news of International School of Monterrey having been awarded Third Place in the YEII Young Business Competition 2020 ON LINE  in the  INNOVATION CHALLENGE category with the project entitled ISOM CARES.

Our utmost congratulations to our team of students comprised of  José María Espinosa Pérez, Landon Mauricio Treviño Ortiz, Karol Josef Díaz Santiago, Gabriel Eduardo Martínez Alcázar and Cedrick Patricio Treviño Ortiz who were guided by Ms. Laura Chávez Reyes on their path to victory.
The project presented by our students highlights their social commitment and concern for the health of our ISOM parents, personnel, and students. 
The design they created in which they applied technology in order to develop a detailed logistics plan is based around guaranteeing a smooth and safe return to the school for students and families before, during and after attendance in our facilities.  
The students  elaborated a prototype of a sanitizing booth for use in the ISOM community as well as a modular station so that our students could perform their daily school activities obeying social distancing rules.
Additionally, the team also designed a smartphone application so all ISOM families could monitor possible symptoms and generate a complete health record in order that the school population be aware of and alerted to potential COVID19 risks. 

We are very proud of our highly talented students and staff at International School of Monterrey and we congratulate them for their dedication and constant participation which will continue to lead to many successful achievements in our school community.


ISOM was awarded a first place in the 15th National Destination Imagination Tournament!


We proudly announce that ISOM was awarded a FIRST PLACE PRIZE in the 15th National DESTINATION IMAGINATION Tournament on Saturday March 7th. This is the second year that ISOM has participated along with 240 teams representing 35 schools nationwide in this important event. Seven teams of students represented ISOM from different grades in Kindergarten and Elementary school. All teams performed outstandingly.



Students: Dulce María Pompa Luna, Eduardo Karim Villarreal González, Emiliano Menchaca Ramírez, Mia Tanimoto Treviño y Roberta González Garza.

The rest of our teams were also awarded trophies for their participation:


Kinder 3 – BANANA ROCKET – Team Manager Ms. Claudia Mayela Zambrano Mendiola

Kinder 3 and 1st Grade Elementary – RED SHINING STARS – Team Manager Ms. Sheila Montes de Oca Alemán

1st Grade Elementary – PLANET UNICORN – Team Manager Ms. Karla Paola Martínez Salazar

1st  and 2nd Grade Elementary – 4EVER US – Team Manager Ms. Berenice Ibarra García

1st  and 2nd Grade Elementary – SPACESHIP WORLD – Team Manager Ms. Rebeca Portilla Montemayor

1st  and 2nd Grade Elementary – RUGIS – Team Manager Ms. Verónica Medina Oronoz

These results demonstrate how INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MONTERREY continues to shine as one of the best schools nationwide and is constantly taking steps to improve its academic programs, leading our students to build and develop leadership, intelligence and creativity skills and abilities.

We truly recognize our Students, Teachers and Parents for their hard work and dedication over the past few months in preparation for the DI tournament.

It is with great pride as a school that we congratulate our Students, Teachers and Parents for their excellent performance before and during the event.

We give special recognition to our Students, Teachers and Parents who participated enthusiastically. We proudly congratulate our ISOM students, Parents and Teaching Staff for the hard work done before and during the event.


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