Through exercises and movements with different musical rhythms, children learn to control their body and educate their ear while they develop skills that will help them to have facility for arts and music.


Our Neuromotor program, addressed to students from Nursery to 2nd grade Elementary, develops academic learning and motor skills This program is comprised by a series of motor exercises, which organize the functions of neurons, creating new neuronal circuits that help to acquire increasingly complex knowledge.


This is a writing program that assures the development of visual-motor skills in students. These allow them to integrate and automate the basic engrams of writing, as well as technical handling skills.


Within the leading edge educational framework and in response to the formation needs of the 21st Century, the International School of Monterrey works with its students on programs that promote thinking skills development. These skills are related to the individual mental processes that allow one to solve situations, problems and make decisions in a more organized and processed manner.


This is a program given to students first thing in the morning. Every day, the students will solve mathematical problems that involve logical-mathematical reasoning at their own pace, with the purpose of developing skills in this area.

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