Educational Model

Educational Model

ISOM is a bilingual education institution that grounds its formative work on social learning.

ISOM’s educational efforts are focused on students’ healthy integration into society, participating within it as a positive influence. All educational context guides students towards the incorporation of responsible leadership skills that will equip them with the vision and proactivity needed to bring about positive changes in their community and planet.

The school’s learning style includes students’ cultural wealth and is open to the exchange of ideas and concepts through constructive collaboration in and out of the classroom. Learning experiences are designed according to these principles and place the students in the center of formative action. Teachers play a secondary role, as facilitators and mediators.

Students are encouraged to contemplate the effects and consequences of their own actions and enact critical yet charitable judgement to improve their own performance and relationships with others.

Differentiated Approach

The school’s differentiated learning approach allows every student to engage in learning activities consistent with their own style, interests and developmental stages. They will be face challenges that will always be within their short term reach. This way, students are motivated and find learning not only useful, but also entertaining and fun.

Differentiated learning is styled along a variety of axes: developmental stages, areas of interest, learning style. Students collaborate in different teams based on a variety of common grounds. These teams create authentic solutions to problems through work in a variety of contents, processes, products and learning environments tailored to their abilities and needs.

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